NASA in the 21st Century


Dr. Robert D. Braun
321-3 Knight Building

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Course Overview:

Technological leadership is paramount today. It is vital to a nation’s national security, economic prosperity and global standing. Aerospace is a strong component of the U.S. national fabric and is the largest positive contributor to the U.S. trade balance. This course addresses the importance of technology innovation and the integration of technical, budgetary and policy issues in the framing of the U.S. civilian aerospace economy. Course material spans the challenges and fundamental physics of aerospace engineering, the historical development of aerospace capabilities, and budgetary and policy aspects of this sector. There are no pre-requisites for this class. Students are expected to review and understand current-events aerospace literature, develop technology policy papers and then debate their merits. This course will utilize the rollout and subsequent debate of the Obama administration 2011 NASA space policy as a case study. Students will interact with invited professionals in aerospace technology and policy. In March, the class will meet with some of our nation’s leading policymakers during a visit to Washington DC.

Course Materials:

Registered students can access all course materials via T-square.


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